Humidity Sensitive Properties of Humidity Sensor Using Quaternized Cross-linked Copolymers of 4-Vinylpyridine

4차 염화 가교화된 4-vinylpyridine 공중합체들을 사용한 습도센서의 감습 특성

  • Published : 2001.04.01


The polymers with various composition of 4-vinylpyridine (4-VP) with n-butyl acrylate (n-BA) and 2-hydroxypropyl methacrylate (HPMA) were synthesized as a humidity sensitive material and quaternized with 1.5-dibromopentane. Resistance versus relative humidity decreased with increase in the content of n-BA in the copolymer. The introduction of HPMA increased the resistance of the humidity sensor as well as enhanced the adherence to the alumina substrate. In the case of 4-VP/n-BA/HPMA=80/10.10, the hysteresis and temperature coefficient were $\pm$2%RH and -0.42∼0.46%RH/$\^{C}$. The average resistance at 30%RH, 60%RH and 90%RH are 3.1㏁, 155 ㏀ and 7.9 ㏀, respectively.


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