Electrical Characteristics of the Piezoelectric Transformer as a Function of Piezoelectric Properties and Load Variations

압전특성 및 부하변화에 따른 압전트랜스포머의 전기적 특성

  • Published : 2001.04.01


The piezoelectric transformers of 2.0x10x48 ㎣ size were fabricated with PSN-PMN-PZT(T10 and PNW-PMN-PZT(T2) composition ceramics. Effects of micro structural and piezoelectric properties on the electrical characteristics of the piezoelectric transformers were investigated. Under the fixed output power of 6 W, temperature rise of T1 transformer at the optimum load was smaller than T2 one because of fine grain size effect. Voltage step-up ratio of T1 transformer showed higher value than T2 one T1 transformer showed an excellent properties with voltage step-up ratio of 12.41, efficiency of 95.23% and temperature rise of 7.2$^{\circ}C$ at 200㏀ load resistance. And also, T2 transformer showed an excellent properties with voltage step up ratio of 9.81, efficiency of 95.51% and temperature rise of 9$^{\circ}C$ at 150㏀ load resistance.


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