High Temperature Characteristics of GaAs MESFETs for Maximum Transconductance

GaAs MESFET의 최대 트랜스컨덕턴스를 위한 고온특성

  • Published : 2001.04.01


This paper presents transconductance (g$\_$m/( characteristics of GaAs MESFET's at high temperatures ranging from room temperature to 350$\^{C}$. GaAs MESFET of 0.3x750[㎛] gate dimension has been used to obtain the experimental data. Gate to source voltage(V$\_$GS/) has been controlled to obtain the temperature dependent characteristics for maximum transconductance g$\_$mmax/ of the device. Furthermore g$\_$mmax/ and expected g$\_$m/ have been traced with temperatures ranging from room temperature to 350$\^{C}$ also by compensating for C$\_$GS/ to maintain the optimum operation of the device. From the results, V$\_$GS/decreases as the operating temperature increases for optimum operation of the transconductance. Finally V$\_$GS/ has been optimized to trace g$\_$mmax/ and enhances the decreased g$\_$m/ with different temperatures.


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