Piezoelectric and Electric Field Induced Strain Properties of PMW-PNN-PZT Ceramics with the Substitution of Ba

Ba 치환에 따른 PMW-PNN-PZT 세라믹스의 압전 및 전계유기왜형 특성

  • Published : 2001.01.01


To develop the piezoelectric actuator, the structural, dielectric and piezoelectric properties and electric fieldinduced strain of the ceramics(Pb$\_$1-2/Ba$\_$x/)[Mg$\_$1/2/W$\_$1/2/)$\_$0.03/-Ni$\_$1/3/Nb$\_$2/3/)$\_$0.12/-(Zr$\_$0.5/Ti$\_$0.5/)$\_$0.85/]O$_3$(x=0, 0.01, 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.1) were investigated with the substitution of Ba. The tetragonality of crystal structure and grain size decreased by the substitution of Ba. Curie temperature decreased due to the decrease of the tetragonality, and dielectric constants increased with the substitution of Ba. The coercive field, remnant polarization and electromechanical coupling factor also decreased, whereas the piezoelectric constatns d$\_$33/ and d$\_$31/ were showed the highest value of 430 and 209(x10$\^$-12/C/N), respectively, because of the increase of dielectric constant. The strain induced by 60Hz AC electric field had the maximum value of 204x10$\^$-6/Δℓ/ℓ at the substitution of Ba 3mol%. As the applied electric field approaches to the coercive field, the piezoelectric element is depolarized and the electric field induced strain revealed non-linearity.


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