• Hong, Kuk-Jin ;
  • Koo, Ja-Kyung
  • Published : 2001.05.01


Let Q(n,1) be the set of even unimodular positive definite integral quadratic forms in n-variables. Then n is divisible by 8. For A[X] in Q(n,1), the theta series $\theta$(sub)A(z) = ∑(sub)X∈Z(sup)n e(sup)$\pi$izA[X] (Z∈h (※Equations, See Full-text) the complex upper half plane) is a modular form of weight n/2 for the congruence group Γ$_1$(8) = {$\delta$∈SL$_2$(Z)│$\delta$≡()mod 8} (※Equation, See Full-text). If n$\geq$24 and A[X], B{X} are tow quadratic forms in Q(n,1), the quotient $\theta$(sub)A(z)/$\theta$(sub)B(z) is a modular function for Γ$_1$(8). Since we identify the field of modular functions for Γ$_1$(8) with the function field K(X$_1$(8)) of the modular curve X$_1$(8) = Γ$_1$(8)\h(sup)* (h(sup)* the extended plane of h) with genus 0, we can express it as a rational function of j(sub) 1,8 over C which is a field generator of K(X$_1$(8)) and defined by j(sub)1,8(z) = $\theta$$_3$(2z)/$\theta$$_3$(4z). Here, $\theta$$_3$ is the classical Jacobi theta series.


positive definite quadratic forms;theta series;modular forms


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