Analysis and Design of a New 6-DOF Haptic Device Using a Parallel Mechanism

병렬구조를 이용한 새로운 6 자유도 역감제시장치의 설계 및 해석

  • Yoon, Jung-son (Dept. of Mechatronics, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology) ;
  • Ryu, Je-Ha (Dept. of Mechatronics, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)
  • 윤정원 (광주과학기술원 기전공학과) ;
  • 류제하 (광주과학기술원 기전공학과)
  • Published : 2001.01.01


This paper presents design and analysis of a 6 degree-of-freedom new haptic device using a par-allel mechanism for interfacing with virtual reality. The mechanism is composed of three pantograph mecha-misms that, driven by ground-fixed servomotors. stand perpendicularly to the base plate. Three spherical joints connect the top of the pantograph with connecting bars, and three revolute joint connect connecting bars with a mobile joystick handle. Forward and inverse kinematic analyses have been performed and the Jacobian matrix is derived by using the screw theroy. Performance indices such as GPI(Global Payload Index), GCI(Global Conditioning index), Traslation and Orientation workspaces, and Sensitivity are evaluated to find optimal pa-rameters in the design stage. The proposed haptic mechanism has better load capability than those of the ex-isting haptic mechanisms due to the fact that motors are fixed at the base. It has also wider orientation work-space mainly due to RRR type spherical joints.


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