The Change of Physical and Chemical Properties of Processed Leaf Tobacco During Long-term Storage

장기저장시 가공 원료잎담배의 이화학성 변화

  • Published : 2001.06.01


This study was carried out to investigate the changes of physical and chemical properties and the usability of long-term stored leaf tobacco. The physical chemical properties of the flue-cured and burley leaves produced in 1993, processed in 1994 were analysed from Nov. 1996 to Nov. 1999. The pH and moisture content in leaf decreased slowly until 4 years’storage after processing, while those of leaf changed little thereafter. However, total sugar content continuously decreased until 5 years after processing. The filling capacity increased and shatter resistance index decreased in long-term stored leaf. The sensory test, cilia stasis and the chemical components of cigarette smoke had no significant differences between short and long-term stored leaves. When the processed leaves were stored till 5 years after processing, there were no deteriorative effects on quality and usability of leaf tobacco. Therefore, it is considered that the processed leaf may be stored for 5 years or more under the inevitable situation.


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