Fabrication and Characteristics Test of Micro Heat Pipe Array for IC Chip Cooling

IC 칩 냉각용 초소형 히트 파이프의 제작 및 성능 평가

  • 박진성 (동아대 전자학부) ;
  • 최장현 (동아대 기계학과) ;
  • 조형철 (동아대 전자학부) ;
  • 조한상 (디지털 바이오) ;
  • 양상식 (동아대 전자학과) ;
  • 유재석 (동아대 기계학과)
  • Published : 2001.07.01


This paper presents an experimental investigation on the heat trensfer characteristic of micro pipe (MHP) array with 38 triangular microgrooves. A heat pipe is an effective heat exchanger operating without external power. The heat pipe transfers heat by means of the latent heat of vaporization and two-phase fluid flow driven by the capillary force. The overall size of the MHP array can be put undermeath a microelectonic die and integrated into the electrronic package of a microelectronin device to dissipate the heat from the die. The MHP array is fabricated by micromachining with a silicon wafer and a glass substrate. The MHP was filled with water and sealed. The experimental results show the temperature decrease of 12.1$^{\circ}C$ at the evaporator section for the input power of 5.9 W and the improvement of 28% in the heat transfer rate.


Micro Heat Pipe;Cooling;Thermal Management;Package;Capillary


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