New Approach to Reduce Radiated Emissions from Semiconductor by Using Absorbent Materials

  • Kim, Soo-Hyung (SAMSUNG Electronics Co. ltd., Semiconductor Business) ;
  • Moon, Kyoung-Sik (School of Materials Science & Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Published : 2001.01.01


Semiconductors performing digital clocking are a main source of radiated emission noise. Therefore, the most secure method of reducing emission noise is to reduce emission radiated from semiconductors; an application of an absorber to the surface of semiconductors is one of these methods, too. However, in reality, it is difficult to achieve as much effect of noise reduction as expected by using only absorber. It is confirmed by experiment in this paper that a loop area within chip has no correlation with radiated emission noise and it is clarified why the existing absorber fails to achieve a satisfactory effect of emission noise reduction. Besides, a new type of chip coating absorber has been developed which can cover up to semiconductor out lead by using ferrite coating material of ferrite/epoxy acrylate substance using only permeability loss out of electromagnetic wave reduction characteristics of materials. As a result of evaluating radiated emission noise by applying this coating absorber to semiconductor device, it could be confirmed that emission noise decreased from about 3 ㏈ up to 20㏈ depending on frequency.