Study on The Salinization in Groundwater of the Eastern Area of Cheju Island

제주도 동부지역 지하수의 염수화에 관한 연구

  • 김지영 (제주대학교 환경공학과) ;
  • 오윤근 (제주대학교 환경공학과) ;
  • 류성필 (제주대학교 환경공학과)
  • Published : 2001.02.01


According to the results of the groundwater quality investigation about 230 holes all over the country, the groundwater which was in excess of standard grows larger every year and closed holes increased to 23,457 holes in 1997 from 15,724 holes in 1996. This is the major reasons that water quality contamination, shortage of water quantity, increasing of salinity and so on. There are 7 groundwater salinization sources which are condisered as most important on a regional level. And among theses the Cheju Island groundwater salinization sources are (1) halite solution, (2) natural saline groundwater, (3) sea-water intrusion. The method of taking an isotopes is one of research methods of the origin of groundwater salinization and is used in so many studies because it has very high confidence. $^{18O}O, ^2H, ^3H, ^{14}C$ and so on in an isotopes are frequently used in the method of them. Consequently on this study we analyzed major ions and $^3H$ in groundwater, sea-water and rain of the eastern part of cheju island known as contaminated site from long time ago to examine the origin of groundwater salinization. Relation ratios of the major ions versus chloride ion shows similar tendency to sea-water. This indicates that sea-water entered the groundwater layer. And amount of $^3H$ in holes of the land side is higher than of the sea side. Relation of chloride ion versus $^3$H indicates negative character. Therefore we can think that the reason of groundwater salinization of this part is natural saline groundwater and halite solution by relation.


groundwater;salinization;Tritium($^3$H);chloride ion


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