The Browning Reaction and Inhibition of Apple Concentrated Juice

사과농축액의 갈변현상 및 그 억제

  • Published : 2001.02.01


The study was conducted to investigate the effect of the browning inhibitors such as PVPP(polyvinylpoly-pyrrolidone), A.A.(ascorbic acid) on nonezymatic browning factors [free sugar, total amino acid, organic acid, A.A., HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural)] and enzymatic browning factors [PRO (polyphenoloxidase) activity, polyphenol compounds] in concentrated apple juice during 90 days storage. Considering color value (L value, $\Delta$E), absorbance at 420 nm, concentrated apple juice during 90 days storage. Considering color the effect of browning inhibition. According to the storage period, the changes of nonenzymatic factors in concentrated apple juice added with browning inhibitors were similar to those in control (concentrated apple juice without browning inhibitors), which were the decreased of sucrose(0.24~0.35% at 90 days), the slight increase of glucose and fructose, the decrease of total amino acid (530.4~573.1 mg/10g at 90 days), same value of A.A. at 90 days (38.5~78.6 mg/100g), and the increase of HMF (27.8~30.6 mg/100g at 90 days). On the contrary, enzymatic browning factors were significantly inhibited in concentrated apple juice added with PVPP, judging from the slow increase of PRO activity and the significant decrease of initial value in polyphenol compounds (especially chlorogenic acid). These results suggest that PVPP plays an important role as enzymatic browning inhibitor, that is, a scavenger of polyphenol compounds by adsorption in concentrated apple juice.



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