A Study on the Lost Ancient Medical Book "Yunbang"

일실 의학문헌 "윤방"의 문헌적 고찰

  • 노기춘 (전남대학교 호남문화연구소 전임연구원)
  • Published : 2001.03.01


This study analyzed the various aspects in writing the lost ancient medical book Yunbang, whose title listed on no other catalogs. And examined the bibiiographical properties of Yunbang by analyzing and comparing the citations collected from the book Sanlirngyoungiae. Yunbang, the collective empirical prescriptions of native medicines, is supposed to be made by the Yun families during the period of from the mid 17th to the early part of 18th centuries.


  1. 국역산림경제 Ⅰ·Ⅱ 민족문화추진회(역)
  2. 鄕藥救急方(影印本)
  3. 언해구급방(影印本) 許俊(改撰)
  4. 東醫寶鑑(影印本) 許俊
  5. 韓國服飾文化史 柳喜卿
  6. 救急簡易方(언해)(影印本)
  7. 山林經濟의 書誌學的 硏究 盧基春
  8. 救急方(影印本)
  9. 鄕藥救急方(影印本)
  10. 醫科先生案
  11. 韓國醫學史 金斗鐘
  12. 朝鮮醫書誌 三木榮