Geophysical Explorations for Safety Analysis of Bangeosan-Maaebul(Stone Relief Bhaisajyaguru triad at Mt. Bangeosan)

방어산 마애여래입상의 안전진단을 위한 지구물리탐사

  • O, Seon-Hwan ;
  • Seo, Man-Cheol
  • 오선환 ;
  • 서만철
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Seismic refraction and electrical resistivity surveys were conducted in Bangeosan Maaebul site located in Haman, Kyungnam, in order to present geophysical safety analysis method for masonry cultural properties. Seismic refraction exploration revealed that the ground was composed of three layers in term of seismic wave velocity; the upper, medium, and lower layers. The low velocity ranging from 308 to 366 m/sec in upper layer suggests weathered soil, the intermediate velocity from 1906 to 2090 m/sec in the medium layer indicates weathered rocks, and the high velocity from 5061 to 5650 m/sec in the lower layer implies extremely hard rocks. Our seismic result suggests that the upper and medium layer around the Maaebul should be reinforced to support the construct. The result of electric resistivity survey shows that there exists a low resistivity zone, ranging from 131 to 226 Ohm-m, at the right side of the Maaebul with the direction of NE-NNE. This area is the weakness zone as it plays role of the underground water passage in rainy season.


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