Pharmaceutical Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained - Release Hydrophilic Matrix Tablet of Cefatrizine Propyleneglycol Using Polyethylene Oxide

폴리에틸렌옥사이드를 이용한 세파트리진프로필렌글리콜 서방성매트릭스 정제의 제조 및 평가

  • Published : 2001.03.20


Various characteristics of polyethylene oxide (PEO) are useful for drug delivery systems. In this study, PEO was used as a sustained release matrix system containing cefatrizine propyleneglycol (Cefa-PG) which is a new semi-synthetic broad-spectrum and orally active cephalosporin. Five kinds of sustained release matrix tablets were formulated with various content of PEO and other ingredients. And three types of matrix tablets were formulated of which compositions were the same but the hardness was different. It was found that PEO content influenced drug release rate. Increasing PEO content, the drug release rate from matrix tablets was decreased. In addition, Avicel, one of the ingredients of matrix components, changed the drug release from the sustained release PEO matrix tablets. With increasing Avicel content, the rate of drug release was increased. For the effect of hardness of matrix tablets, the rate of drug release is decreased with increasing hardness. In comparison of bioavailability parameters after oral administration of Cefa-PG PEO matrix tablets and general Cefa-PG capsule in beagle dog, the sustained release PEO matrix tablets is more useful than a general dosage form. $AUC^{0-12}$ of the sustained release PEO matrix tablet and the general dosage form was 1.16 and 0.644 respectively.