Distribution of Radioactivities of $^{226,228}Ra,\;^{137}Cs$ and $^{40}K$ in Soil in Busan Area

부산지역 토양의 $^{226,228}Ra,\;^{137}Cs$$^{40}K$ 방사능 분포

  • Published : 2001.12.30


In this work we investigated distribution of the natural and artificial radioactive nuclides and level of the regional background in soil in Busan. For 45 points, the environmental radioactivity concentration of Busan surface soil is $14.38{\sim}57.03\;(mean\;:\;33.95)\;Bq{\cdot}kg^{-1}$ for $^{226}Ra,\;2.41{\sim}86.58\;(mean\;:\;51.08)\;Bq{\cdot}kg^{-1}$ for $^{228}Ra,\;223.64{\sim}1332.30\;(mean\;668.51)\;Bq{\cdot}kg^{-1}$ for $^{40}K$ and $<0.33{\sim}33.37\;(mean:13.74) Bq{\cdot}kg^{-1}$ for $^{137}Cs$. Also, in order to investigate vertical distribution for radioactivity, we examined radioactive concentration with mountain height. But there was no correlation between radiaoactivity distribution and mountain height. The $^{226}Ra/^{228}Ra$ and $^{226}Ra/^{40}K$ concentration ratios were $0.68{\pm}19 %$ and $0.06{\pm}34%$, respectively.