Comparison of Derived Intervention Levels Against Contamination of Foodstuffs Using the Different Procedures Suggested by the Recognized Organizations

상이한 국제기관의 방법론에 따른 음식물 중 방사능의 유도개입준위의 비교

  • Published : 2001.12.30


Using the different procedures suggested by the recognized organizations including IAEA, FDA, WHO and CED, derived Intervention levels (DILs) against contamination of foodstuffs were evaluated for considerations in radiological emergency planning in Korea. Three radionuclides important in terms of the consequence due to accidents at a nuclear power plant, i.e., $^{137}Cs,\;^{90}Sr$ and $^{131}I$, were considered. Intervention level for dose based on new recommendation of the ICRP (ICRP-60) was applied. The DILs tot the same foodstuff differ by up to afactor of 10. In most cases, the DILs based on FDA and WHO approaches were more conservative than those based on IAEA and CEC approaches. A critical age group for milk was infant of 3 month for all radionuclides. In most foods except milk, a critical age group was adult, 15yr and 5yr for $^{137}Cs,\;^{90}Sr$ and $^{131}I$, respectively.