Design of Neutron Shielder for Reducing Background of Low Level Gamma Ray Spectrometer

극저준위 감마선 분광시스템의 백그라운드 저감화를 위한 중성자 차폐체 설계

  • Published : 2001.06.30


In order to shield the neutrons affecting the background of Low Level Gamma Ray Spectrometer, a neutron shielder was designed. The method used in this study for neutron shielding was the deceleration of fast neutrons by high density polyethylene(HDPE) and the absorption of those slowing-down neutrons by $B_4C$. The calculation results of neutron Interaction in HDPE using Monte Carlo simulation code MCNP4B showed that the thermal-neutron flux was maximum at 10 cm thickness of HDPE. The results also showed that 95% of the thermal neutrons were absorbed by 2 mm thickness of $B_4C$ absorber Consisted of 30 w% $B_4C$ and 70 w% polymer. The results of the Monte Carlo calculation were in good agreement with the experimental value obtained by a neutron shielding apparatus designed for this purpose.