Safety Evaluation of a Shipping Capsule for Special Form Radioisotope

특수형 방사성 동위원소 운반캡슐의 안전성 평가

  • Published : 2001.03.31


All of sealing capsules to transport a special form radioactive material should be designed and fabricated in accordance with the design criteria prescribed in IAEA standards and domestic regulations. The objective of this study is to demonstrate the safety of a shipping capsule for $^{192}Ir$ special form radioisotope which produced in the HANARO. The safety tests were carried out for the impact, percussion, bending and heat test conditions. And leakage tests were carried out before and after the each test. Also, the safety analyses wert performed using computer codes in order to verify the test results. The capsule showed slight scratches and deformation, and maintained its structural and thermal integrities in all tests without any severe damage or melting. It also met the allowable limits of leakage rate after each test. Therefore, it has been verified that the capsule was designed and fabricated to meet all requirements for the special form.