Development of Radiochemical Analysis of Uranium Isotopes in Soil Samples with Extraction Chromatography

크로마토 그래피 추출법을 사용한 토양시료중 우라늄 동위원소 화학분석법 개발

  • Published : 2001.03.31


An accurate and rapid analytical technique of uranium isotopes in highly contaminated soil samples was developed and validated by application to the IAEA-Reference samples. For overcoming the demerits of the TBP extraction method, sample materials were decomposited with $HNO_3$ and HF, and uranium isotopes were purified by an anion exchange resin and a TRU Spec resin. With the extraction chromatography method, the hindrance elements were completely removed from the uranium fraction. The chemical yields with the extraction chromatography method were more 10% higher than those with the TBP extraction method. The concentrations of uranium isotopes in soil samples using the extraction chromatography method were consistent with the reference values reported by the IAEA.