Characteristics of Mineral and Thermal Waters in South Korea (II)

한국 온천수의 수질적 특성(II)

  • 임정웅 (응용지질기술사, 전 한국자원연구소 환경지질연구부장, 세기종합기술공사 고문)
  • Published : 2000.02.01


299 chemical analyses are used to study the characteristics of mineral and thermal waters in South Korea. Even though the concentration of chemical components in thermal waters are generally very low, mineral waters having components more than 1,000 ppm of dissolved total solid(TDS) are reached up to 1975 of total analyses data, In Germany, Japan or some other countries, mineral and thermal waters are defined not only by water temperature, but also by chemical components. The principle of Law in Japan is also almost same with the German regulations. However, the Law for thermal spring In Korea permit thermal water to be qualifiled only by water temperature. For including chemical characters into the regulations or Law of thermal spring, the limit values of TDS and other 9 micro components related to mineral and thermal waters was selected through this study.