WWW Based Instruction Systems for English Learning: GAIA

  • Park, Phan-Woo (Department of Computer Education Taegu National University of Education)
  • Published : 2000.02.29


I studied a distance education model for English learning on the Internet. Basic WWW files, that contain courseware, are constructed with HTML, and functions, which are required in learning, are implemented with Java. Students and educators can access the preferred unit composed of the appropriate text, voice and image data by using a WWW browser at any time. The education system supports the automatic generation facility of English problems to practice reading and writing by making good use of the courseware data or various English text resources located on the Internet. Our system has functions to manage and control the flow of distance learning and to offer interaction between students and the system in a distributed environment. Educators can manage students' learning and can immediately be aware of who is attending and who is quitting the lesson in virtual space. Also, students and educators in different places can communicate and discuss a topic through the server. I implemented these functions, which are required in a client/server environment of distance education, with the use of Java. The URL for this system is "http://park.taegu-e.ac.kr" in the name of GAIA.