A Study on the Development of Sub-frame Designe Using Tailor Welded Blanks

Tailor Welded Blanks를 이용한 승용차용 Sub-frame의 설계기법 연구

  • Received : 1999.11.17
  • Accepted : 2000.05.31
  • Published : 2000.06.30


The sub-frame of passenger car begins to be used widely for the safety of passengers. Conventional design of the sub-frame comprises 22parts, and it requires quite complicated production processes. In this papers, the sub-frame is designed with TWB(Tailor Welded Blanks) to improve stiffness, to reduce weight and to simplify the manufacturing process. To design the proper structure, structural analysis and crash analysis are executed about the conventional design and TWB applied design. A prototype TWB applied sub-frame is manufactured using mash-seam welded TB(Tailored Blanks). Comparing with the conventional sub-frame, the TWB applied sub-frame has 30% weight reduction and 17% increasement of structural stiffness in average.


Finite Element Analysis;Sub-frame;TWB(Tailor Welded Blank);Passenger car;Moment of inertia