A Study on Successful Community of Practice Strategy and Implementation : Case Study of 'S' Corporation's Knowledge Management

성공적 지식경영을 위한 CoP 운영전략 : S사의 지식경영구축 사례를 중심으로

  • Published : 2000.09.01


Effective knowledge sharing and creating requires human networking as well as system. Corporation 'S' organized 'community of practice(CoP),' which is a virtual group based on work process, skill, and interest. The purpose of this study is to suggest effective CoP establishment and implementation methods, based upon 'S' experience. The effective methods this study suggests are : setting up clear CoP objectives by each CoP; dual CoP system with career centered and subject centered; alignment with business strategy; guide by knowledge integrator, and professional competence development as CoP purpose. Key success factors to CoP activities also include effective communication, facilitators' competency, and managers' support.