New Discrete Curvature Error Metric for the Generation of LOD Meshes

LOD 메쉬 생성을 위한 새로운 이산 곡률 오차 척도

  • Published : 2000.03.15


This paper proposes a new discrete curvature error metric to generate LOD meshes. For mesh simplification, discrete curvatures are defined with geometric attributes, such as angles and areas of triangular polygonal model, and dihedral angles without any smooth approximation. They can represent characteristics of polygonal surface well. The new error metric based on them, discrete curvature error metric, increases the accuracy of simplified model by preserving the geometric information of original model and can be used as a global error metric. Also we suggest that LOD should be generated not by a simplification ratio but by an error metric. Because LOD means the degree of closeness between original and each level's simplified model. Therefore discrete curvature error metric needs relatively more computations than known other error metrics, but it can efficiently generate and control LOD meshes which preserve overall appearance of original shape and are recognizable explicitly with each level.



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