Influence of Iodine Supplementation on the Performance of Goats Fed Leucaena Leaf Meal Containing Diet

  • Pattanaik, A.K. (Division of Animal Nutrition, Indian Veterinary Research InStitute) ;
  • Khan, S.A. (Division of Animal Nutrition, Indian Veterinary Research InStitute) ;
  • Kumar, A. (Division of Animal Nutrition, Indian Veterinary Research InStitute) ;
  • Bedi, S.P.S. (Division of Animal Nutrition, Indian Veterinary Research InStitute)
  • Received : 1999.11.24
  • Accepted : 2000.04.12
  • Published : 2000.09.01


In order to ascertain the influence of supplemental iodine on nutrient utilisation by goats fed a leucaena leucocephala leaf meal containing diet, 8 adult male goats (2 years; $22.3{\pm}1.73kg$) were randomly allocated into two groups, viz. control and experimental. Both the groups were fed a diet comprising of wheat bran, leucaena leaf meal and wheat straw ad lib. In addition, the experimental animals were given extra iodine at 0.04 mg/head/day (as KI soln.). A metabolism trial of 6 days duration conducted after 13 weeks of experimental feeding revealed that the daily DM intake $(g/W^{0.75})$ increased significantly due to iodine supplementation. Similar was the case with the intakes of DCP and ME. The digestibility of CP and EE showed significant improvement in the experimental group while that of DM, OM and total carbohydrates did not vary significantly between the two groups. The animals of control group were in negative nitrogen balance, which improved significantly and become positive in the experimental group. Moreover, the control animals lose weight apparently in contrast to the experimental animals, who maintained their weights. While iodine supplementation tended to enhance phosphorus retention that of calcium exhibited significant improvement. Conclusively, provision of extra iodine to Leucaena containing diet may prove beneficial in augmenting the nutrient utilization of this protein rich tropical forage.


Leucaena;Iodine;Nutrient Utilization;Goats