Development Communication Approaches to Community Development and Adult Education

지역사회개발과 사회교육을 위한 개발커뮤니케이션 접근

  • Published : 2000.12.31


The purposes of this exploratory study were to interrelate the scholastic discipline of the ‘development communication’ into ‘community development’ and ‘adult education’ in terms of interests, views and theoretical backgrounds of these fields of social sciences; and to draw some implications for developing scholastic interactions among these fields to pursue common social changes of human society. Development communications provide opportunities to set goals, to decide contents, and to utilize communication media in developmental efforts. Contemporary trends of development communication, community development and adult education are concerned with indigenous, two-way, bottom-up and people-centered communication from exogenous, one-way, top-down and institution-centered communication of the past. Multidisciplinary approaches to communication concepts and methodology may increase the potentials of community development and adult education in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Some of the development communication approaches such as traditional and folk media approach. new media or ICT(information & communication technology) approach, participatory communication for development approach, communication support development approach and mass media approach may be applicable for community development and adult education. Better understanding on development communication approaches will be needed for the adult educators as well as community development practitioners.