A Study of a Decay Parameter for the Dark Adaptation Function on the retina

망막에서 암순응 함수의 Decay parameter 연구

  • Published : 2000.12.31


The adaptation for a right source on the retina consists of the light-dark adaptation's two curves for a time by the rod-cone receptor. We obtained the adaptation for a time to measure the threshold intensities, it was two decay curves by the center of a rod-cone break. It could be represented the dark adaptation by a exponential decay function consisting of $T_{min}$, $a_r$, $a_c$, $T_{0(r)}$, $T_{0(c)}$, $t_b$, $t_c$'s parameters. The curves of a $t_b$ below and a $t_b$ above showed the adaptation sensitivity of the cone and the rod. The exponential decay function was well applied to the dark adaptation in difference retinal positions, in contrally fixated fields, in luminous, as age etc. It could be used the decay parameter as the index because of representing the properties of the dark adaptation's function.