Factors Influencing Consumer Attitudes Toward Web Advertising

웹 광고에 대한 소비자 태도에 영향을 미치는 요인

  • Published : 2000.12.31


As the web advertising proliferates due to the explosive growth of Internet users, there is a research need for the consumers' general perception on the individual advertisements in the web. This research studies whether the characteristics of Internet advertising(entertainment, informativeness, purchase facilitation, irritation) influence the consumers' attitudes in the Internet environment. This is based on the fact that the web as an advertising channel is quite different from the traditional advertising channels. Twc different surveys are conducted; one is to study consumers' general responses for the Internet advertising in general, and the other is to study more specifically consumers' attitudes for the six different advertising messages(product advertising, corporate image advertising, on-line catalog, billboard, contest/game advertising and online directory of firms). Entertainment and informativeness factors are found to be positively related with the consumers' general attitudes for the web advertising, whereas purchase facilitation and irritation factors have no relationships. Also, a set of advertising strategies for the six different advertising messages are given based on the findings about the relationships between the six advertising messages and the four influencing factors.