Effect of Education for Encouraging Breastfeeding on Practice of Breastfeeding

모유수유(母乳授乳) 권장교육(勸?敎育)이 모유수유(母乳授乳) 실천(實踐)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Seo, In-Suk (School of Public Health, Kyungpook National University) ;
  • Jung, Moon-Sook (Department of Nursing, Kyungpook National University) ;
  • Suh, Young-Sook (Department of Nursing, Dongshin University)
  • Published : 2000.12.30


This study was carried out to investigate effect of education for breastfeeding on practice of breastfeeding 171 primiparae (experimental group with education 83 and control group without education 88) who gave birth in hospitals located in Taegu City from October 25, 1999 to December 25, 1999 and planned to breastfeed their children after childbirth. The results of this study were as follows. 1) The experimental group's practice rate of breast-feeding was statistically higher than the control group's at the points of two weeks, four weeks, eight weeks and twelve weeks after childbirth(p<0.05). However, the rate at the points of sixteen weeks and twenty weeks after childbirth was higher in the experimental group than in the control group but there was no significant difference between both groups. 2) The experimental group's discontinuance rate of breast-feeding was lower than the control group's at all the points of two weeks, four weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks, sixteen weeks and twenty weeks after childbirth, and it was statistically significant(p<0.05). The discontinuance rate of breast-feeding at the point of four weeks after childbirth was the highest in both groups. It accounted for 25.5% in the experimental group and 36.8% in the control group. 3) The reason of which the rate appeared to be the highest among those for discontinuance of breast-feeding was the lack of breast milk. The rate accounted for 65.5% in the experimental group and 50.7% in the control group. In conclusion, the study suggested that the education for encouraging breast-feeding provided to the primiparae after childbirth has an positive effect on the practice of breast-feeding.