Effect of Stem Drying Method during Curing Process on Physico-chemical Properties in Bulk Cured Leaves

Bulk건조에서 주맥건조방법이 잎담배 이화학성에 미치는 영향

  • 이철환 (한국인삼연초연구원 음성시험장) ;
  • 이병철 (한국인삼연초연구원 음성시험장) ;
  • 진정의 (한국인삼연초연구원 음성시험장)
  • Published : 2000.12.01


The bulk curing experiment to improve the quality of flue-cured leaves were carried out to evaluate relationship between the modified(3 step-up) drying and conventional drying method in bulk curing process. Modified drying method was somewhat higher values in yellowing color index of cured leaves, and less brittle than those in conventional drying program. As to the chemical properties, there was no difference in chemical component levels in cured leaves between the modified and the conventional methods, while the major chemical compounds in relation to aromatic essential oil of cured leaves showed mostly higher level in the modified method than that in conventional drying method. Additionally 3 step-up drying method increased the tobacco quality by 2 % in price per kg compared with conventional drying method.