Speaker Adaptation Using Linear Transformation Network in Speech Recognition

선형 변환망을 이용한 화자적응 음성인식

  • 이기희 (동서울대학 사무자동화과)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


This paper describes an speaker-adaptive speech recognition system which make a reliable recognition of speech signal for new speakers. In the Proposed method, an speech spectrum of new speaker is adapted to the reference speech spectrum by using Parameters of a 1st linear transformation network at the front of phoneme classification neural network. And the recognition system is based on semicontinuous HMM(hidden markov model) which use the multilayer perceptron as a fuzzy vector quantizer. The experiments on the isolated word recognition are performed to show the recognition rate of the recognition system. In the case of speaker adaptation recognition, the recognition rate show significant improvement for the unadapted recognition system.