A Study on the efficicent management of hotel restaurant

호텔레스토랑의 효율적인 경영에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.08.01


The major matters studied are follows: First, the study review statement of problem. second, the study is a global view of the restaurant management. \circled1 what characteristics did hotel restaurant have\ulcorner \circled2 What is the importance of F&B's sales-part\ulcorner \circled3 How can be operated organization of hotel F & B's management\ulcorner Third, condition of hotel restaurant management in korea explained real-example of deluxe hotel. On the basic of this, the study can look up prospect of hotel restaurant management, Forth, fifth, study suggest on efficient management-method of hotel restaurant. (It was divided in 7) Also, study suggest on achievement for ultimate purpose of hotel restaurant.