The Preparation of Antibacterial Activated Carbon fibers and Their Application

항균성 탄소섬유의 제조와 그의 응용

  • Published : 2000.08.01


Upon the Preparation of activated carbon fiber(ACF) using chemical activation method and vapour activation method, the fiber obtained from the vapour activation method shows excellent surface Properties. The preparation of antibacterial activated carbon fiber was tried to open the new areas in application of carbon materials. The BET specific surface area and the average pore radius of the antibacterial ACFs were in the range of 844.27~1575.6 $cm^2$/g and 10.6~12.9 (equation omitted), respectively. From the adsorption studies on the antibacterial ACFs, typical Type I isotherms were obtained. And, from the SEM morphology results, it was observed that the surface of ACFs was partially coated by antibacterial materials after the treatment. Finally, from the antibacterial effects of antibacteral ACFs against E. coli, excellent antibacterial activity was shown. Concerning the above results, antibacterial ACFs can have wide application in the areas of sterilization, anti-fragrant. anti-insects.