Construction of Pretense-defective Mutant of Bacillus subtilis by Homologous DNA Recombination

상동성 유전자재조합을 이용한 단백질분해효소 비생산 바실러스균주의 구축

  • Lee, Jin-Tae (Faculty of Life Resources and Engineering, Kyungsan University) ;
  • An, Bong-Jeun (Faculty of Life Resources and Engineering, Kyungsan University)
  • Published : 2000.12.01


Competent cell transformation of B. subtilis AC819 was carried out using phenotypic protease-defective(Npr-) DNA of B. subtilis MT-2. An obtained transformant, designated B. subtilis HL-1, was obtained by homologous DNA recombination. Phenotypes of B. subtilis HL-1 were characterized histidine requirement streptomycin-resistance, tetracyclin resistance and non-producing protease. Protoplast transformation frequency of B. subtilis HL-1 by plasmid pUB110 was higher than that of B. subtilis MT-2. From this result, B. subtilis HL-1 is useful for protease gene transformation and thermostable protease gene cloning as a host.