Application of DEM to Simulate Interaction between Soil and Tire Lug

  • Oida, A. (Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University) ;
  • Ohkubo, S. (Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Asaka Higashi R&D Center)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


Using the modified DEM (Distinct Element Model), which we proposed, the effect of cross section of tire lug on the tire performance was simulated. Though the DEM has an advantage over the FEM when it is applied to simulate the behavior of discrete assembly of particles such as soil, there was still a problem in the case of conventional DEM, that the simulated movement of particles was too free. We constructed a new mechanical model (modified DEM) which can take account of the effect of adhesion between particles. It is shown that the soil deformation is simulated by the modified DEM better than the conventional DEM. Comparing the simulated soil reaction to the tire lug with the experimental results, the adequate DEM parameters were found. It is also indicated possible to find the effect of lug cross section shape on the tractive performance of tire by the DEM simulation.