Finite Element Simulation of Axisymmetric Sheet Hydroforming Processes

축대칭 박판 액압 성형 공정의 유한요소 시뮬레이션

  • Published : 2000.11.01


A finite element formulation lot the simulation of axisymmetric sheet hydroforming is proposed, and an implicit program is coded. In order to describe normal anisotropy of steel sheet, Hill's non-quadratic yield function (Hill, 1979) is employed. Frictional contacts among sheet surface, rigid tool surface, and flexible hydrostatic pressure are considered using mesh normal vectors based on finite element of the sheet. Applied hydraulic pressure is also considered as a function of forming rate and time and treated as an external loading. The complete set of the governing relations comprising equilibrium and interfacial equations is approximately linearized for Newton-Raphson algorithm. In order to verify the validity of the developed finite element formulation, the axisymmetric bulge test is simulated. Simulation results are compared with other FEM results and experimental measurements and showed good agreements. In axisymmetric hydroforming processes of a disk cover, formability changes are observed according to the hydraulic pressure curve changes.


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