The Effects of the Application Rate of Fermented Swine Manure and Additional Mineral Fertilizer on Productivity and Nutritive Value of Corn for Silage

발효돈분 및 화학비료 시용이 사일리지용 옥수수의 생산성과 사료가치에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2000.03.01


This study was conducted to investigate the effects of the application rate of fermented swine manure and additional mineral fertilizer on productivity and nutritive value of corn(Zea mays L.) for silage. Swine manures used in this study were the compost of swine manure fermented with sawdust(SMFWS) and swine sluny(SS). This study was arranged in split-split plot design. Main plots were the types of swine manure, subplots were the application rate of swine manure, such as 100, 200 and 400kgN/ha, and sub-subplots were the application rate of mineral fertilizer, such as 50 and 100kgNiha. Corn DM(dry matter) and TDN(tota1 digestible nutrient) yields increased as application rate of SMFWS and SS increased. DM and TDN yields in SS treatments were higher than those in SMFWS treatments. The effect of fermented swine manure improved positively as application rate of urea increased. Net energy for lactation(NE1) and TDN content in corn decreased as application rate of SMFWS and SS increased, but crude protein(CP) content increased by the application of SMFWS and SS. NE, and TDN contents in SMFWS treatments were lower than those in SS treatments, but CP content in SMFWS was higher than that in SS. The growth and nutritive value of corn were improved by the application of mineral fertilizer. (Key words : Swine manure, Swine sluury, Compost, Zea may, TDN, Net energy)