A Parallel Loop Scheduling Algorithm on Multiprocessor System Environments

다중프로세서 시스템 환경에서 병렬 루프 스케쥴링 알고리즘

  • 이영규 (극동정보대학 전산정보처리과) ;
  • 박두순 (순천향대학교 정보기술공학부)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


The purpose of a parallel scheduling under a multiprocessor environment is to carry out the scheduling with the minimum synchronization overhead, and to perform load balance for a parallel application program. The processors calculate the chunk of iteration and are allocated to carry out the parallel iteration. At this time, it frequently accesses mutually exclusive global memory so that there are a lot of scheduling overhead and bottleneck imposed. And also, when the distribution of the parallel iteration in the allocated chunk to the processor is different, the different execution time of each chunk causes the load imbalance and badly affects the capability of the all scheduling. In the paper. we investigate the problems on the conventional algorithms in order to achieve the minimum scheduling overhead and load balance. we then present a new parallel loop scheduling algorithm, considering the locality of the data and processor affinity.