Data Input/Output Time Reduction Scheme with the Simultaneous Transmission Method for Multi-participants Video Conference System

다자간 화상회의 시스템에서의 동시 전송방법에 의한 데이터 입출력 시간 단축 방안

  • 김현기 (경남정보대학 전자정보통신과)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


In this paper, we propose the method in which a stream of multimedia data simultaneously transfers to the main memory and the multimedia processor from the network interface card using a conventional system bus. The proposed method can reduce the input/output time of multimedia data and improve the data stream in the system bus. Also, we compared the number of system bus accesses, bus cycles and data transmission time to the number of participants between the proposed method and the conventional methods in the multi-party video conference systems. The comparison results of performance anticipate that the number of bus accesses of the proposed method was reduced by 50%, and the total transmission time was reduced by 75% as much as the conventional method regardless of the relation of the participant numbers.