A New Navigation/Traveling Method in Virtual Environment

가상공간에서 새로운 이동기법에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.06.01


An important feature of virtual reality is the facility for the user to move around a virtual environment in a natural and easily controlled manner, Navigation. Navigation involves changing the perspective of the user in the virtual environment (VE). Natural locomotion methods are able to contribute to a sense of presence and reality. This paper focuses on the navigation method in the virtual environment, one of the major interfaces for the interactivity between human and virtual environments in virtual reality circumstances and worlds. It proposes a new navigation method: Intelligent Cruise-Control Navigation (ICCN), which provides a natural and user-centered navigation method in virtual environment and can improve the reality and the presence. Intelligent Cruise-Control Navigation is composed of three major phases: Constant Velocity Navigation, Collision Detection and Avoidance, and Path Adjustment. The ICCN can reduce the user's fatigue and improve the user's presence and reality in the virtual environment. Through the experimental study it has been determined that the ICCN will be a natural, straightforward, and useful interface in VE.