A Study on the Dynamics and the Related Factors of Son Preference in Chon-buk and Chung-nam Area

전북 .충남지역 거주자의 남아선호 현상과 관련변인에 대한 연구

  • 김용미 (원광대학교 가정교육과)
  • Published : 2000.12.01


The purpose of this study was to investigate the level and the reasons of son preference. and the relative importance of related variables among middle-and old-aged Koreans in Chon-buk and Chung-nam area. Subjects were 487 parents of high school girls(243 fathers and 244 mothers). with a mean age of 45.7 years. It was revealed that more than a half of the respondents(52.293) preferred'a son'for the first child, followed by'either nx'(32.6%) and'a daughter'(14.8%). For the second child, a son was preferred nlost(43.7%) , followed by'a daughter'(31.4%) and'either sex'(23.4%) . As the reasons of son preference,'to continue tradition and name of family'marked the highest score (3.42) , followed by'parents prefer son for various reasons'(3.37) , 'should have at least one son'(3.32). and'feel obliged to produce a son for in-law's sake'(3.06). It appeared that sociocultural background was more important for son Preference than individual, economic factors. The most important factors related to a strong son preference were the number of sons at the present, son preference for the first child, parental attitudes and expectations toward children. and income. Suggestions wire made in regard to efforts for gender equality in family and society. and the needs for parent education and population education.