A Study on Textile Design of Raoul Dufy adapted in Fashion

패션에 활용된 Raoul Dufy의 텍스타일 디자인 연구

  • 이선화 (동주대학 조형디자인계열)
  • Published : 2000.08.01


Raoul Dufy devoted and was involved in textile design between 1910 and 1928. It was a transitional period in fashion. especially Poiret took an important role as a fashion designer at that time. After meeting Poiret, he won the fame as a textile designer rather than a painter, in his early stages, He had been deeply involved in fashion design. For instance Dufy and Poiret shared their world of art, collaborated to mount exhibitions, the Print textile fabrics by Dufy was used for dresses by Poiret and so on. The textile design which showed Dufy's artistic abilities was used as a method of expression of an exchange and a communication between art and fashion in the same period, through collaborations with Poiret. For instance, Dufy as a fauvist created and produced textile designs using his magnificent and cheerful colors and lines. He brought about a revolution in the textile design due to his participation in fashion design, as well as encouraging fashion designers. Textile design by Dufy, which grafted onto his world of art impressed Poiret greatly. It proposed the new direction of the fashion and influenced modern costume. The positive collaborate between Dufy and Poiret provided a momentum to a costume for being a part of art. Textile design as one of the important area in modern fashion needs a design originality for creating a high value-added products.