Taxonomic Notes of Tribe Opatrini(Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae from Korea I. Genus Gonocephalum Solier and Opatrum Fabricieous

한국산 모래거저리족(딱정벌레 목, 거저리과)의 분류학적 정리 I. 모레거저리속과 작은모래거저리과

  • Published : 2000.12.01


Fourteen species of the genus Gonocephalum and one species of the genus Opatrum (Tenebrionidae, Opatrini) from Korea have been previously recorded. They are taxonomically reviewed based on many faunistic reports and research papers. We also examined many specimens including voucher materials of the previous studies. Among the recorded species, G. sabulosum is excluded because it was misidentified for the individual variation of Opatrum subaratum. We couldn’t find any Korean materials of four species (G. japanum, G. bilinearum, G. outreyi, G. malayanum), and used the materials determined from other countries. Key to 13 species of the genus Gonocephalum, illustrations of adults and male aedeagus are provided.