Electrical Characteristics of Metal/n-InGaAs Schottky Contacts Formed at Low Temperature

  • Published : 2000.04.01


Schottky contacts on n-In$\_$0.53//Ga$\_$0.47//As have been made by metal deposition on substrates cooled to a temperature of 77K. The current-voltage and capacitance-voltage characteristics showed that the Schottky diodes formed at low temperature had a much improved barrier height compared to those formed at room temperature. The Schottky barrier height ø$\_$B/ was found to be increased from 0.2eV to 0.6eV with Ag metal. The saturation current density of the low temperature diode was about 4 orders smaller than for the room temperature diode. A current transport mechanism dominated by thermionic emission over the barrier for the low temperature diode was found from current-voltage-temperature measurement. Deep level transient spectroscopy studies exhibited a bulk electron trap at E$\_$c/-0.23eV. The low temperature process appears to reduce metal induced surface damage and may form an MIS (metal-insulator-semiconductor)-like structure at the interface.


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