A Study on Microwave Dielectric Properties of Low-temperature Sintered (1-x) $ZnNb_2$$O_6$-$xPb_5$$Nb_4$$O_{15}$ and Microstructure

저온소결형 (1-x)$ZnNb_2$$O_6$-$xPb_5$$Nb_4$$O_{15}$계 세라믹스의 유전특성과 미세구조에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.11.01


The microwave dielectric properties and the microstructures as a mole fraction of (1-x)ZnNb$_2$O$_{6}$-xPb$_{5}$Nb$_4$O$_{15}$ ceramics with CuV$_2$O$_{6}$, Sb$_2$O$_3$ and glass(ZNPN ceramics) was investigated. 0.98ZN-0.02PN ceramics containing 1.5 wt% CuV$_2$O$_{6}$ 1.0 wt% Sb$_2$O$_3$ and 1.0 wt% glass had a dielectric constant($\varepsilon$$_{r}$) of 23, Qxf$_{o}$ value of 15000 and TCF(Temperature Coefficient of resonance Frequency) of -25 ppm/$^{\circ}C$ and it is possible to be co-fired with Ag electrode at 90$0^{\circ}C$. As sintered temperature increases over 90$0^{\circ}C$ the grain size of ZNPN ceramics was increasing for growth and it has poor co-fired properties with Ag electrode.e.ctrode.e.e.