A Study on Modelling the Airfield Capacity by using Simulation

시뮬레이션을 이용한 비행장능력 평가모형에 관한 연구

  • 오승학 (국방대학교 관리대학원) ;
  • 이상진 (국방대학교 관리대학원)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


This paper deals with an estimation method of the airfield capacity for the airlift operation. In the US Air Force, airfield capacities has been estimated using MOG(Maximum -On-the-Ground) concept, which is known to having several weaknesses. Recently, RAND suggests a personal-computer- based model called the Airfield Capacity Estimator(ACE), which is a more advanced and realistic technique compared to the MOG. This paper attempts to modify the ACE appropriate to the Korean airlift operation. While ACE is developed on the basis of strategic mobilization, Korean airlift operation is done on the tactical basis. A designed mdel is tested with simulation technique.