Manufacture and Physiological Functionality of Korean Traditional Liquor by using Dandelion (Tarax-acum platycarpum)

민들레(Taraxacum platycarpum)를 이용한 전통 민속주의 제조 및 생리활성

  • 김재호 (배재대학교 유전공학과 . 바이오 의약 연구 센타) ;
  • 이승환 (배재대학교 유전공학과. 바이오 의약 연구 센타) ;
  • 김나미 (한국인삼연초연구원 제품개발부) ;
  • 최신양 (한국식품개발연구원 생물공학연구본부) ;
  • 유진영 (한국식품개발연구원 생물공학연구본부) ;
  • 이종수 (배재대학교 유전공학과 . 바이오 의약 연구 센타)
  • Published : 2000.12.01


In order to develop a Korean traditional liquor using dandelion, alcohol fermentation condition was investigated. Etha-nol was produced maximally when 10% dandelion and 5% nuruk were added in cooked rice and fermented by S. cerevisiae at $25^{\circ}C$ for 10 days. The taste and nutraceutical properties of dandelion liquor with different concentra-tions(1%, 5%, 10%) of dandelion petal were compared. The dandelion-petal liquors which was brewed by addition of 1% dandelion petals into mash showed the best acceptability and its angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitory activity was also high.


Korean traditional liquor;dandelion(Taraxacum platycarpum)


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