A Strategy for Quality Poultry Egg Production II. Egg Interior Quality; Cholesterol Content, Egg Yolk Pigmentation, Controlling Egg weight and Organic Eggs

양질의 계란 생산전략 II. 계란내용물의 질, 콜레스테롤 함량, 난황색, 난중조절, 유기란

  • 남기홍 (대구대학교 자연자원대학 가축사료영양학연구실)
  • Published : 2000.08.01


The egg's interior quality is one of the most important criteria for commercial producers and consumers. Internal quality is complex, including aesthetic factors such as taste, freshness, nutritional and processing values, and the genetic influences upon these upon these factors ranges from none to considerable. The rate of cholesterol synthesis in the hen is very high compared to other animals and humans. Genetic selection, diet drugs and other chemicals can alter cholesterol concentration in the plasma of laying hen, but attempts to manipulate the cholesterol concentration in the egg yolk are generally unsuccessful since the cholesterol can only be changed to a small extent. Factors which may affect the degree of pigmentation of the yolk include the type of xanthophyll and its concentration in the feed, the feed composition, and the health of the hen. Several feed ingredients interact with carotenoid pigment to improve or reduce their deposition rates in yolks. Egg weight is determined by genetics, body size prior to first egg housing density, environmental temperature, lighting program, total feed consumption, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, water, methionine, total sulfur amino acids, energy, linoleic acid, fat and protein levels. Eggs need to be promote levels. Eggs need to be promoted a versatile commodity and new processed egg items need to be developed. Organic eggs are laid by hens which were raised in chemical and drug frdd environments. There are still difficulties in producing these eggs due to the availability of organic poultry feeds and cost of organic grains.


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