A Study on apply of submerged biofilter for nutrient removal

영양염류 제거를 위한 생물막 공정의 적용에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.10.01


In this study the removal possibility of nutrients of T-P, NH3-N, NO3-N and T-N is examined through a positive experimental study using submerged biofilter of media packing channel method. From the analysis of nutrients removal efficiency for each run of the collected sample following results are obtained. Firstly the result of N/P surveying for inflow shows serious value that excess the limit value of 20 as the values are in the range of 12.0~42.7 and the average is 25.73. Secondly the highest concentration of the incoming NH3-N reaches double of the standard since the concentrations of NH3-N and NO3-N for inflow shows 0.06mg/$\ell$ and 2.5~3.8mg/$\ell$ respectively and the average removal rate which passed the submerged biofilter adopted in this study is a satisfactory level. Next the average removal rate of T-P of 51.5% shows the possiblity of entrophication removal since the removal rate of T-P of 66.8~68.8% in relative low temperature period of RUN 1~2 appeared higher than in RUN 3~6 and T-N shows relatively poor result with the average removal rate of 34.1% And it is known that the bigger BOD/P and BOD/N are the more removal rate increases from the examination result of the relation between BOD/P and BOD/N and the treatment water T-P and T-N to decide the relation with the concentration of organic matters and though that the appropriate proportion is necessary for effective removal of nitrogen and phsophorus.


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