Transport of Zinc Ion in a Contained Liquid Membrane Permeator with Two Micro-Porous Films

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  • Published : 2000.04.01


For the purpose of development of a liquid membrane permeator which separates metal ions from aqueous solutions continuously and effectively, a continuous membrane permeator with the membrane solution trapped between extraction and stripping phases by two micro-porous hydrophilic films was manufactured. Experimental researches on the separation of zinc ion from aqueous solutions were performed in the liquid membrane permeator with 30 vol % D2EHPA solution in kerosine as liquid membrane. As results, the liquid membrane permeator separates zinc ion from aqueous solutions continuously and effectively in the wide range of operating conditions. A simple mass transfer rate model using equilibrium constant of the extraction reaction for the system used were proposed, and the model was compared with experimental results of separation of zinc ion in the permeator. And the effects of operating factors, such as space time, pH of extraction solution, extraction temperature, on the separation rate of zinc ion in the permeator were experimentally examined.


liquid membrane permeator;zinc transport;micro-porous film


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